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How to Create a Public Calendar in Salesforce

The public calendar function of Salesforce allows proper management of group activities through the software. The function allows managers to track events like marketing, product releases, and training classes. Scheduling common activities like team vacations is also possible with this function.

Together with the public calendar function, there is also the software’s resource calendar function where use of shared resources can be scheduled. If you have troubles lining up groups for use of overhead projectors and conference rooms, this function can help.

Setting Up a Public Calendar

To create a public calendar:

  • Go to the Quick Find box, and then choose “Public Calendars and Resources”.
  • Click “New”.
  • Give a name to your calendar.
  • Click “Active”.
  • Then click “Save”.
  • If the calendar needs to be available to co-workers, click “Sharing”. The “sharing” function is customizable.

The advantage indicated for using shared calendaring is that it allows users to easily coordinate their activities. If the sharing mode allows it, a user can add in events to other users’ calendars. Details of other users’ events can also be changed.

User Permissions

In managing events and calendars, specific permissions are needed. To view a record connected with an event or events, the user must possess the “Read” permission. For accessing public and resource calendars, the user must have the Customize Application permission.

Managing Public Calendars

In contrast to personal calendars, users are allowed to create an unlimited number of calendars. Using public calendars, you can book a resource or invite a person to a meeting via Event creation page.

All you have to do is go to that page, click the Add Invitees button. Click the dropdown and select Resources. Give a name to the resource you are trying to add and then add it. Steps used for adding a resource is basically similar to inviting a contact to your Salesforce organization.

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