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How to Create a Salesforce Application?

Ever tried creating a Salesforce application? First-time users probably have a hard time understanding how to create one. The process may seem overwhelming, but actually, it’s quite simple. Here’s a quick guide on how to create a Salesforce application.

What is a Salesforce Application?

Salesforce applications are viewed as containers of all the objects, tabs, and services related to a specific business function. They refer to groups of tabs coming together as a single unit to help in accessing sets of related features in the application interface.

Types of Apps

There are two types of Salesforce apps: Custom Apps and Service Cloud Console. Custom Apps allow you to build new applications with your preferred objects, Visualforce pages, and fields. Service Cloud Console, on the other hand, is designed for those who need quick solutions that enable them to create new records, find old ones and make updates quickly.

Contents of a Salesforce Application

Existing Custom apps generally contain the following elements:

List of tabs
Customized logo (optional)
Landing Page (optional)

Salesforce Application Creation

It’s easy to create a Salesforce application. Here’s how to create one in just a few clicks:

Ensure that Salesforce is in Setup Mode. Select AppSetup > Create > Apps. Click on New then choose the Select Custom Application radio button. Enter the desired application name and click on the Next button. Select an image from the document objects, then choose the desired objects under the application. Click on the check box afterwards to save.

Editing the Salesforce Application

You can edit the newly created app anytime. You can add new tabs, change the app image, and even add the application to an existing Salesforce profile. To do edits, go to the Salesforce Setup Mode. Select AppSetup > Create > Apps, and choose desired application from the drop-down list. Then, click on Edit.

To add new tabs, select the Tabs from Available Tabs and click on Add.
To change the image, simply click on Insert an Image, and choose one from the computer’s documents.
To add the new app to a profile, set the Default Landing Tab to Home. Locate the Assign to Profiles option then tick the desired profile check boxes under Visible. Once done, click Save.


Salesforce Applications enable users to collect related tabs and information in a single unit. You can quickly create new Salesforce apps. In fact, you can finish it with just a few clicks. You can also edit new apps accordingly, and add them to profiles.

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