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How to Create a Salesforce Developer Account?

Salesforce isn’t just a single platform where customers can build apps or use CRMs. The company actually offers various account editions so that their customers can freely develop applications tailored to their specific needs. Examples of these editions include Group, Contact Manager, Professional, Unlimited, Enterprise and Developer.

This post will focus on the Developer Edition. What is this particular edition, what are its uses, and how can one create an account under this?

What’s a Developer Edition?

The Developer Edition is a free development environment where limits are imposed on both users and data. Subscribers of the Developer Edition gain access to features, such as database services, Apex, and Integration APIs. Limits imposed include a 5.0MB data storage, 20MB file storage space, unlimited number of applications and 5000 API requests per 24 hours.

Uses of the Developer Edition

You can use the edition for isolated testing and development of new apps based on the user’s available organization data. Testing new functionalities is also possible in the Developer Edition. Independent software vendors also use this to create package apps that are later released on the AppExchange. It’s a free edition. A user can have several accounts here, so they’re free to experiment and try out things.

Creating an Account

It’s quick and easy to get an account. First, a user must go to He’ll be taken to the registration page. The user must fill up the details called for:

Role (choose from the drop-down list, ie: Developer, Administrator, Business Manager/Executive, etc.)
Postal Code
Username (in email format)

Once done, he should click the “Sign Me Up” button. The system then sends a notification link to his email for verification and password creation. The user should immediately check his inbox, click on the link and nominate his password. After that, he’ll be taken to the main Salesforce developer edition interface. That’s it; a Salesforce Developer Edition account is already created!

What to do Next?

Upon entering the Developer Edition interface, he can now start to create his own apps. He’s free to look around, experiment and check the various app creation functions that are now available to him.

Summing it Up

The Salesforce Developer edition is a free-for-all tool where users can create apps and explore various functions at no cost. They can easily create an account or even multiple accounts by simply filling out the registration page and responding to an email notification.

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