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What Is the Custom Console Component in Salesforce

Multiple Salesforce records can be managed in a single screen with the help of Salesforce Console. This interface is tab-based and can be navigated with the help of Custom Console Components.

What exactly are custom console components and how do they help increase productivity within the Salesforce Console?

Defining Custom Console Component

Salesforce Custom Console Component is a tool that lets users see and navigate through various types of data in different parts of a console interface. Components allow data to appear in interaction logs, sidebars, footers, and highlight panels of a tab-based console.

Custom console components can be created by using any of the following tools:

  • Report charts
  • Canvas apps
  • Lookup Fields
  • Visualforce
  • Related lists
  • JavaScript APIs such as Canvas and Console API

Console components are useful in managing various kinds of records.

Kinds of Data Being Displayed by Custom Console Components

Here are some of the items that can be displayed with the use of custom console components:

  • Chat widgets
  • Softphone widgets
  • Records information
  • Third party applications
  • Content pages of clickable customized buttons on the footers
  • Content of specific pages that users have accessed
  • Interaction logs
  • Customized highlights panels

How are Custom Console Components Created?

Developers and administrators work hand-in-hand to create useful console components needed by their users. They do this through the following collaborative steps:

  • The developer creates a new canvas app or Visualforce page.
  • The administrator will then add this canvas app or Visual force page to either a page layout or to a console app.
    • If the canvas app or Visual force page is added to a page layout, it displays content on specific pages only. The administrator selects a sidebar where the console displays, and then adds multiple components to that sidebar (as needed) and them lay them out as either tabs, accordion, or as one stack.
    • If the canvas app or Visualforce page is added onto a console app, content will be displayed across all tab and pages. The administrator puts each component to the console where the users can easily access them. He also specifies the buttons to be used on the app’s footer for accessing the custom components.
  • After that, users may now view and use the added custom console components whenever they access page layouts or click buttons in an app’s footer.

Custom Console Components in a Nutshell

Custom Console Components are useful tools to help users navigate properly through page layouts or apps. They range widgets to third-party apps and can be created using a variety of Salesforce elements. These components can help users browse through and manage different records easily on a single interface.

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