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What Is Data Category for Answers in Salesforce?

The “Data Category for Answers” is part of the “Answers” feature of Salesforce. To understand the former’s function requires elucidation of the latter.

What Is Answers

“Answers” is a Community application of the Salesforce software. It is the feature of the software that allows Community members to post questions and answers to questions.

The application also allows members to vote on the answers, indicating the level of helpfulness of every reply. The member who posted the question has the sole privilege of choosing a reply which he thinks is the most helpful.

Data Category for Answers

This is the question categorizer of the software. Users go to the Answers tab to use it. On the tab, they select “data categories”. This enables them to classify questions. The already-classified questions are then sent to answers zones.

An example of an answers zone would be “kitchen appliances”. Under this zone, data categories may include refrigerators, ovens, coffeemakers, etc.

Only zone members have access to answer zones. With this feature, they can easily browse through a particular category to read answers to their questions. Administrators have control over data categories and access of members to questions.

Icons Used in Answers

Four icons are used in the application:

  • Blue Check – This check icon appears next to a reply if such a reply has been tagged as the best answer by the asker of the question. When this icon appears, it is understood that the question has already been resolved.
  • Number – It indicates the number of replies that have already been posted for a certain question. If there are no replies yet, the icon shows the number 0.
  • Dialog box – Every reply to a question is marked with this icon.
  • Green Check – Once the asker chooses a reply as the best, the green check will appear next to that reply.

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