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All about Data Category for Answers in Salesforce

Salesforce Chatter Answers is the go-to place for getting answers to your burning questions about the various features of Salesforce. It’s a great resource area wherein you and your colleagues can engage in exchanging of ideas and imparting of useful knowledge.

The vast number of topics that are contained within Chatter Answers might seem even more confusing to some org members. That’s why Salesforce came up with Data Categories for Chatter Answers. This post tells you more about what data categories ae and how to use them properly.

Data Category in Chatter Answers Defined

A data category in Chatter Answers is simply a high-level topic wherein members and knowledge support agents may categorize and insert related questions and corresponding answers.

Think of data categories as large containers of related information within the Answers platform. Related sub-topics spring forth from these large data categories

Chatter Answers have zones where data categories may be found. These zones are configured to hold different top-level topics that act as the main data category. From these data categories, users may integrate related sub-topics that are used for discussions, questions, and answers.

Assigning Data Categories

It is quite easy to enable data categories in Answers. Simply follow the steps outlined below:

  • Navigate to Setup.
  • Locate the Quick Find Box, then type in Data Category Assignments.
  • Click on Data Category Assignments from the Chatter Answers option.
  • Hit the Edit button.
  • Select your preferred category group, then click Save.

Considerations in Using Category Groups

Keep these things in mind when working with Data Categories and category groups:

  • You are allowed to create up to three category groups containing a maximum number of 100 categories per group. You may create a hierarchy of up to five levels within a single category group. Note that the first level of categories is the only one supported in the Answers community.
  • Data categories and category groups are initially hidden from the users. You need to finalize their categories, settings, and visibility before finally activating them and making them available to its intended users.
  • If you wish to delete a data category, you will also delete its child categories and its associations with any articles or questions. Deleting a data category is permanent; it cannot be restored and it does not appear in the Recycle Bin.

Data categories are useful idea containers that help organize several bunches of information into related ones. If you want to organize your Chatter Answers community, start setting up your data categories today.

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