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What Is Data Category for Articles in Salesforce

One of Salesforce’s goals is to empower your end-customers by giving them flexible ways to connect with your company. Sure, you can set-up a contact center to give excellent customer service 24/7. How about giving your end-customers a more independent way to learn more about your company and your services? With Salesforce, you can do that by creating your own help texts in Salesforce Knowledge.

Your customers will probably ask about several aspects of your business, including your products, services, policies, warranties, etc. As a result, you’ll have to arm yourself with a large collection of help articles encompassing almost all your customer-related business affairs.

With the vast number of articles you’re going to end up at hand, how would you properly categorize them? The answer is Data Category for Articles in Salesforce Knowledge.

Data Category for Articles Defined

Data Category for Articles is a feature meant to organize articles and article translations seamlessly in the Knowledge platform. It helps admins classify created articles according to their content.

Data categories are used to clearly outline topics where articles can be placed, stored, and retrieved for future use. You can also control access to articles sets through the data categories the articles belong to. Data Categories for articles make organizing articles easier, safer, and neater.

This feature is found on the Salesforce Knowledge platform. Please note that Data Category can also be found on other featured platforms such as Ideas, Chatter, and Answers, but the data category for article management is exclusively found on the Knowledge platform.

What to Keep in Mind when Working with Data Categories

Consider the following key points when working with data categories for article management:

  • You can associate articles to one or many categories in a group. You may do so in any level of hierarchy, too. You may even choose not to associate articles with any category in a group, as your needs see it fit.
  • Articles that are not associated in any data category group means that these articles aren’t linked to a specific topic in the Knowledge platform.
  • Admins may control access to articles through data categorization. As an admin, you may go to Category Group Visibility Settings to set the visibility of your already grouped articles. This is useful especially if your business has paid subscribers that can gain access to more premium content than regular non-paying subscribers.

In a nutshell, Data Category is a basic feature that enables you to arrange your articles and translations based on relevant topics. This feature is a great way to organize and monitor your help texts and articles before publishing them live on your own website.

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