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What is Data Category for Articles in Salesforce

Presenting your end-clients with an effective DIY solution to solve their possible inquiries is a good way to help engage them and gain good customer service points. Giving them options to access a collection of helpful text in a help center is a good idea to provide customer service even without your live online assistance.

Salesforce Knowledge supports the creation of several articles that could be used as help texts for your website and for other Salesforce users within your company’s organization. These articles use data categories for better classification. What are data categories and how do they help in organizing data used by your Salesforce Knowledge agents?

Data Category Defined

A data category is Salesforce Knowledge’s primary way of classifying articles that you create using the platform. These categories are developed to properly segregate articles according to their subject matter covered. Categories also help you control customer access to specific sets of articles, questions, or ideas.

Think of categories as containers of data sub-categories that further define and separate articles, ideas, and questions on the platform. They keep ideas and articles nicely organized at all times.

You, as the Knowledge Base administrator, may freely use data categories to help tag your articles and logically classify them for better access and publishing.

Why Use Data Categories?

Data categories help you in navigating through your vast number of help text articles. You’ll easily gain access to an article if it is classified logically alongside similar articles. You can filter them out easily from your org for quicker access.

You are allowed to map profiles, permission sets, and roles to the categories found within the category groups. That means you can control who sees the articles within your organization.

You can easily manage your articles from within the Article Management Tab if you use data categories.

Limitations to Salesforce Data Categories

Here are the limits set by Salesforce on the use of data categories:

  • You may use a maximum number of 5 category groups. You’re allowed access to a maximum of 3 active groups at one time.
  • You are allowed to use up to 100 category groups within a single data group.
  • Your data category group hierarchy may contain up to 5 maximum levels.
  • You may use a maximum of 8 data categories from a single data category group that is assigned to an article.

In summary, data categories contain classifications of article data within your Knowledge platform. These categories have certain limits that help you control article visibility, usage, and control.

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