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What is in Salesforce

Creating cloud-based social, mobile, and enterprise applications is fast becoming a modern trend nowadays. The availability of huge amounts of information in the cloud makes it easier for developers to come up with useful cloud-based applications that enterprises can truly benefit from.

Salesforce, the leading cloud-based CRM solutions provider, now launches their own database storage solution – This post will focus on what is, what its features are, and how it helps developers and clients. Defined is Salesforce’s primary enterprise database storage. It’s built to store data through the cloud. is a massive data storage facility where users can securely stash billions of records, retrieve these records for use in developing apps, and create transactions with truly fast response times.

This cloud-based storage built by Salesforce powers cloud-based applications by providing the data needed to run these applications smoothly. Through advanced database service functions, is able to guide its users in managing large amounts of organizational data stored inside their secured cloud.

Features of Salesforce offers a scalable cloud infrastructure for efficient information storage, retrieval, and transactional use. Here are some valuable features of

  • Image, video, and document files storage
  • Supports relational data capabilities such as fields, tables, triggers, relationships, queries, and search functions
  • User management function
  • Pre-determined models for APIs and social data models
  • Models for database records
  • Data feeds for requesting a real-time display of data streams or updates
  • Enhanced security rules and enterprise search engine services
  • Row-level security
  • Authentication services for even tighter data security
  • Standard APIs for web services

How Benefits its Users

App developers find the especially useful every time they develop and run new applications based on the cloud. Data retrieved from are used to power apps in the developmental stage. They’re also used to enhance completed apps, access important data through Web services APIs, and keep complex data in a safe and secured cloud-based platform.

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