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Davos Codes Project Helping Local Students Drive Positive Social Change

Technology and bright young minds came together to bring about a major social change in 2018 in Davos, Switzerland.

Students wanted an end to plastic pollution and its effects on the water quality in their locality. They came up with brilliant ideas and brought them to life through the Davos Codes program of In the end, all their efforts were successful, and they brought about a positive impact on the environment that they live in.

Here is the inspiring story of the Davos youngsters and their successful quest to end water pollution through technology.

Ending Water Pollution through Technology

50 students from the Davos Volksschule listened to presentations made by the Benioff Ocean Institute, and were awakened by the harsh reality of water pollution in their area. They also learned the role plastics play in polluting the seas and other water sources.

These students then banded together to find a way to test their area’s water pollution levels through technology. Mentors and Salesforce volunteers helped the students in creating entries for this special coding challenge project.

The students applied the coding and technological skills they learned at Davos Codes as they experimented with their local water supplies. They eventually came up with an effective way to test for water pollution levels.

The Start of Plastic Recycling in Davos

The youngsters wanted their leaders to change a “No Plastic Recycling” policy. They knew that plastic is a major water contaminant, hence, they wanted to start recycling plastics.

They forwarded their water pollution findings to the local town leaders of Davos. After reviewing their work, the town leaders decided to reverse their policy and start a plastic recycling campaign in Davos.

The students, overwhelmed with joy, will be presenting their work and campaign against plastics and water pollutants at the 2019 Davos Codes.

The Davos Codes Project

Davos Codes is a learning project conceptualized by It started in 2015 and focuses on teaching youngsters aged 14-16 computer programming skills. It also emphasized the social good that technology can bring if it is harnessed properly. Through this program, Davos youth became empowered to help push their town towards a more sustainable living environment.

Wrapping It Up

Positive social change was brought about by 50 Davos Codes students who pushed for plastic recycling in their town. They used findings they got from a coding challenge aimed at looking into water pollution levels in their town. Local officials were amazed by this and as a result, they reversed the “No Plastic Recycling” policy of their area.

This successful social change was made possible through the untiring efforts of the Davos Codes students, their mentors, and Salesforce volunteers. It’s also thanks to the successful implementation of the Davos Codes project of

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