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How Digital Identity Drives Customer Experience and Engagement

Excellent digital identity management is important to improve a customer’s digital business experience. Businesses are moving from physical to digital transactions, and the customer’s digital identity and security must be protected in order to increase customer satisfaction and experience. Salesforce understands this, that’s why they introduced the concept of Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM).

The Digital Business of the Modern World

A massive digital transformation is sweeping the new wave of customers today. More and more customers now engage with brands that offer digital methods of transacting with them. Who can blame them? After all, the modern ways of doing business are undeniably faster, smarter, and easier than before.

With the rapid digital commerce transformation comes the customer’s increasingly high expectations with digital brands. Customers often demand easy yet secured digital transactions with businesses. And as a good business, keeping up with this to improve the customer’s experience is a top priority.

The Importance of Digital Identity and CIAM

Digital Identity is a collection of data attributes adopted by a digital customer and used in dealing with business transactions online. Attributes of digital identity may include the following:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Birth date
  • Purchase history
  • Buying behaviors
  • Online search records and activities

Digital identity is especially crucial for businesses so that they learn about their customer’s wants, needs, and preferences, and consequently create better business ideas to engage them further.

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is a relatively new yet important field of digital business. It’s all about giving businesses a chance to learn more about their customers even if they only transact with them online. It’s also about protecting the safety and security of customer’s digital identity – a crucial part of responsible digital business etiquette.

What Salesforce Does to Help Digital Business Understand CIAM Better

Salesforce launched a platform called Salesforce Identity, which aids online businesses in managing crucial customer digital identity and improves customer experience as well. It’s an Identity and Access Management (IAM) program that makes managing digital identity simpler, faster, and safer.

Some valuable features include:

  • Single Sign-On, wherein a business’s customer logs in just once then gets a one-click access to your services
  • Gives business admins a place to monitor and manage access of users to their specific applications
  • Salesforce Touch Platform for mobile access management, especially with the increase of customers transacting via their mobiles

Summing It Up

Digital businesses can use Salesforce Identity to manage their online business activities, analyze digital customer’s data safely, and ensure a smoother business transaction with customers. When businesses improve their services through a thorough understanding of digital identity, customers engage with them even more and get a better business experience in return.

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