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Digital marketing

Connect with people and stimulate emotion through digital marketing. Our team are experts at reaching and appealing to users and activating communities.

Consumers in a digital world have more choice than ever: the device they use, going global or local, buying wherever they are with just a click or cancelling everything! To be their long-term brand of choice, you must understand your consumer and offer precisely the right experience.

Emakina has always invested in mastering the latest tools and solutions to come up with experiences that cross the physical and digital worlds. We have the luxury of being able to measure and optimize campaigns and devices continuously, and we can also offer different, personalized experiences by analysing data.

We need to grasp this opportunity. Because, actually, new European privacy legislation that comes into force in 2018 does not prohibit anything. In the end, it will frame our practices by focusing them on two fundamental things: the imperative for absolute transparency about how we use personal data, and the importance of explaining why this data is used and treated in the way it is. Consumers are far more likely to agree to all this if our data analysis is perceived as a ‘plus’ that genuinely improves their brand experience.

Actually, we should celebrate: in a digital world that the consumer now understands, marketing will become meaningful again, putting consumer value above an advertiser’s short-term interests. Of course, not everyone is ready to hear this and many would prefer the status quo. They  can stay happily working at their outdated marketing agencies. But this is not the case at Emakina!

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