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Automated business processes on-the-go is a must for businesses under the real estate industry. Agents need to close effective deals quickly even if they’re on the field. Sales and marketing teams are always looking out for ways to bring quality clients to the company. The sales cycle must be implemented efficiently, embracing flexibility for both the real estate company and its end clients.

Improving the sales cycle delivery and ensuring efficient work on-the-go is a major concern for Dubai real estate giant Dubai Investment Real Estate Company (DIRC). This is why they teamed up with Cloudworks to help them implement Salesforce for their individual company needs.

Dubai Investments Real Estate Company is a leading real estate and property developer with a proven track record of delivering high quality, residential, commercial and industrial assets.

Background on DIRC:

Dubai Investment Real Estate Company (DIRC) is one of Middle East’s largest real estate companies. The company was formed in 2006 as the real estate division and subsidiary of Dubai Investments PJSC.

DIRC holds several investments in top UAE commercial and residential real estate assets. One of the company’s largest projects is Mirdiff Hills, a real estate development in Dubai featuring mixed-use commercial, residential, and retail establishments. Mirdiff Hills Project incorporates fully-furnished and complete amenities, and all these cover around 3 million square feet of land.


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What DIRC Needs:

DIRC identified the following unique needs that should be addressed using Salesforce’s powerful CRM solutions:

  • Manage all sales cycle activities through a centralized system so that brokers and sales reps can jointly work on their pipelines and activities

  • Make automated business processes iPad friendly for the sales reps that are always on the field

  • Implement a structured lead qualification and unit selling process to smoothen out and standardize the sales cycle activities

  • Include brokers onboard, but with limited visibility. This will help them fairly calculate broker’s commissions depending on the number of units they sell

  • Merge their in-house Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with their sales process

  • Automatically generate and produce important customer documents in a fast and easy way

  • Generate a report about recognized revenue depending on a building’s completion percentage

Salesforce-Driven Solutions for DIRC:

The above-mentioned challenges prompted Cloudworks to help DIRC by utilizing Salesforce. Here’s what Cloudworks did:

  • Introduced Salesforce Lightning Experience to DIRC for an interface that’s user-friendly and can be used by agents on-the-go

  • Created solutions to improve the sales processes, such as a “Unit Searching” feature to easily locate available units for clients and “Unit Sharing” for brokers and sales agents to get pre-assigned units for sales easily

  • In-house ERP integrated with Salesforce to gain a holistic view of their end-clients

  • Strengthened CRM implementation by creating detailed dashboards and reports to monitor sales rep performance and sending the reps automatic notifications regarding client activities and follow-ups.

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The Outcome:

DIRC is well pleased with how Cloudworks integrated Salesforce to their systems. Utilizing Salesforce simplified DIRC’s work processes and made them efficient not just in the office, but also out on the fields.

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