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Managing large-scale projects and ensuring that each one moves smoothly is indeed a challenge for any large multi-national company. It is important for them to keep track of project progress so that each project ends with positive results and satisfied clients. However, factors such as overseas team working in the fields, minimum project visibility across all team members, and lack of adequate technological business tools make project monitoring an even more tedious task.

This is a major dilemma for DP World, a maritime company in UAE. They sought Cloudwork’s help for this, and this problem was solved through the proper implementation of Salesforce tools within the company.

DP World aim to be essential to the bright future of global trade, ensuring everything he do has a long-lasting positive impact on economies and society.

Background on DP World:

DP World is a large international company running various maritime-related business ventures. The company operates in-land and marine terminals and engages in logistics support, maritime services, and technologically advanced trade solutions.

DP World was formed when Dubai Ports International and Dubai Ports Authority were merged in 2005. To date, the company maintains a strong and significant presence in the maritime industry. It operates 77 in-land and marine terminals, servicing over 50 companies across 40 countries worldwide.



What DP World Needs:

Here are the main goals that DP World wishes to achieve by creating and utilizing a powerful project management program:

  • Improved project visibility across all users to help improve cooperation between each employee and end customer. This will be achieved through a scalable project management solution.

  • Adequate monitoring of project activities through a centralized application where they can view how a project progresses, what teams do to contribute to project development, and how the company fares in its performance across all their branches in UAE.

  • Easy connection between the site managers and their Head Office through an easy-to-use mobile application.

  • Managing projects with consistency through an automated project mobilization system.

Salesforce-Driven Solutions for DP World:

Cloudworks came up with the following solutions to help DP World reach their goals:

  • Used Salesforce Lightning Interface as the company’s primary tool for managing projects. Lightning is user-friendly and many of its components were helpful in generating mass reports, adding and analyzing large amounts of customer data, and tracking activities in remote field sites through mobile applications.

  • Started the use of Lightning’s Dashboard component. It proved to be a great solution for the management and employees to gain full visibility of each project they undertake.

  • Created a system where the project management cycle management becomes automated. Notifications are automatically sent for each stage of the project, ensuring that everyone on the team is informed and helping them make real-time decisions based on these notifications.

  • Implemented a “Train the Trainer” system to mobilize DP World’s super users and equip them with what they need to train other users within their company.

  • Designed a reporting module where very complex project reports can be generated with a single click of a button. This has resulted in saving several man-days every month that DP world PM team spent for manually drafting the project reports.

  • Customized the interface on top of lightning so customers can conveniently fill in a large amount of information in a single page, e.g all the milestones, risks, stakeholders, change requests etc. can be updated from a single page interface.
DP World Solutions Customer Story Cloudworks

The Outcome:

Managers in DP World are now able to oversee each cycle of the project management process. Mobile applications are extensively used to monitor field sites and provide feedback on the current projects being undertaken. Simplified project management is now within DP World’s reach.

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