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What is Dreamforce Conference in Salesforce

Salesforce holds annual conferences to keep its users abreast on different technological advancements and new features in their various products. This post will explain more about these special keynotes called Dreamforce Conference.

What is a Dreamforce Conference?

Dreamforce Conference is a user conference given by to its users annually. It takes place San Francisco, California. This is a large technology-related gathering that goes for about three days once every year. It’s a conference filled with lots of learning and information sharing.

The conference is attended by various Salesforce customers, and is led by the Salesforce team, I.T. experts, pioneers, and business leaders. For instance, in 2015, approximately 170,000 people attended the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco.

The conference is a venue for announcements and product introductions for Attendees learn a lot more about products, and are given the chance to pose questions, try their hand at product demos, and share their valuable insights to the company.

Activities inside the Dreamforce Conference

The Dreamforce Conference usually has a central theme. For instance, the conference held on 2016 focuses on blazing the business paths to success, while the 2015 conference centered on products for the startup businesses.

There are several activities to watch out for in a Salesforce Dreamforce Conference:

  • Product Keynotes to inform customers about new releases or new features
  • Training sessions to enhance Salesforce knowledge and expertise
  • Peer networking – several I.T. experts and industry leaders are present here, so people can freely connect to the best I.T. leaders and expand their own networks
  • Expos participated in by vendor companies that provide attendees with lots of new products for their business growth and development
  • Education and certification – get Salesforce certified during sessions in the Dreamforce conference

Dreamforce Conference Registration

Interested customers may visit the Salesforce Dreamforce website to register for getting updates when the registration doors open. Visit to sign up for notifications. As of writing time, the next Salesforce Dreamforce conference will be on November 6-9, 2017 in San Francisco, CA.

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