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Easily Manage Customer Engagement with Salesforce Commerce Platform

Connecting to customers and gaining their long-term loyalty used to be quite hard. Research have shown that entrepreneurs can actually use up to 39 different systems just to properly manage customer engagement. Now, they’ll only need one – and that is Salesforce Commerce Platform.

Salesforce came up with this platform to simplify customer engagement management for businesses. The platform is built around the important idea that amazing customer experiences are key to achieving brand love.

Learn more about Commerce Platform in this short article.

What Commerce Platform Is All About

Salesforce Commerce Platform is a solution that provides unique ways to deliver great e-commerce experiences to customers. It’s a platform that runs on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create fast and flexible commerce solutions that will fit any customer’s journey.

Commerce Platform carries a wide range of commerce-related APIs, templates, and tools to help retailers create their comprehensive commerce suites. Some of the platform’s key tools include the following:

  • Storefront Reference Architecture
  • Page Designer
  • Einstein API
  • Inventory Availability Service

These tools are solutions to building API-backed, commerce-led, and integrated customer experiences. Commerce Platform brings together a host of tools to update your business commerce to modern heights.

New Commerce Capabilities

Salesforce recently added new functions to the Commerce Platform. Some of these features are as follows:

  • Einstein Visual Search – Lets customers search for products by solely using snapped photos.
  • New developer sandboxes – Gives developers a space to test out their ideas so that they can create innovative solutions for their businesses in a faster timeframe.
  • Develop for Salesforce B2C Commerce Trail – This new Trailhead educational topic gives you an overview of various platform tools and how to use them.

They launched the new features during the NRF Big Show 2019 held last January 13-15, 2019.


Salesforce Commerce Platform is a powerful tool that aids businesses in creating holistic and memorable customer experiences. It carries several AI-powered features to hasten processes and give customers the best shopping experience that they deserve.

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