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Einstein, Salesforce’s AI Now Prioritizes Prospects with High Potential

As a sales team member, you are bombarded with a lot of prospects and accounts to deal with. Some of them might not be potentially lucrative to deal with, but some of them definitely are. The idea of filtering out your prospects so that those who have good potential for business should be dealt with first, but this process could be overwhelming to your team.

Salesforce then steps in to help you out. Salesforce Einstein introduced Account-Based Marketing (ABM) last June 2017 with the aim of achieving intelligent B2B marketing strategies for a business’s high-potential prospects.

What Is Einstein ABM All About?

In business, you have different strategies in dealing with both high and low potential prospects. It is sensible to focus more energy in dealing with high-potential prospects, as they have a better chance of closing business deals with you.

And in a sea of potential business prospects floating around your database, it may be difficult to distinguish who’s more interested in you and who’s not. Salesforce’s Einstein ABM now does this for you.

Einstein Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a B2B marketing solution which uses Salesforce’s artificial intelligence Einstein. It was developed to help marketers and salespeople target their high-potential prospects and accounts with the highest priority. This is done to save valuable resources, simplify and sales and marketing efforts, generate better leads and deals, and help you concentrate on prospects that could lead to good business partnerships.

What Einstein ABM Exactly Does

Einstein ABM helps companies prioritize and connect to prospect with high potentials by doing the following:

  • Segregating and picking up accounts with the highest potentials using the automated Einstein Lead Scoring system
  • Engaging high-potential leads using the Engagement Studio
  • Monitoring the progress of deals with leads using the Einstein Opportunity Insights
  • Creating compelling marketing content using Salesforce Engage
  • Keeping marketing and sales representatives informed of the latest news regarding their prospects using the Einstein Account Insights

With these powerful tools at hand, marketers and salespeople like you are able to fully dedicate your time, efforts, and commitment to high-potential prospects. This translates to better deals closed and better growth for the business.

Einstein ABM In a Nutshell

Salesforce came up with Einstein Account-Based Marketing to help businesses focus more on leads that have high potential to be translated into actual business partners. By using a variety of artificial intelligence-powered tools such as the Einstein Opportunity Insights and Einstein Lead Scoring System, businesses can now forget about manual determination of high-potential prospects and focus on connecting with their prospects for fruitful business opportunities to unlock themselves.

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