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What Is Email Builder in Pardot

Reaching out to your business prospects with finesse and ease might seem a bit hard. Imagine sending several marketing emails to them at a certain timeframe, and making sure each email presents marketing information in an eye-catching manner. Does this email-creating task make you feel overwhelmed? Now, don’t be. Salesforce has included a handy email creator under the Pardot marketing solution software. Read on to find out more about Pardot’s Email Builder.

Pardot’s Email Builder Defined

Email Builder is a WYSIWYG email editor that lets you create professional-looking emails within Salesforce Pardot. Email Builder also lets you see exactly how an email looks like while you’re currently editing it, hence, its reputation as a WYSIWYG editor.

Getting There

You access Email Builder whenever you start the process of creating and sending an email to your prospects. From the Pardot main interface, go to Marketing – Emails – New Email Template – Add Email Template. Set your preferences, then choose HTML and Text as the email type. Save your work. You’ll then be taken to the Email Builder upon clicking the Editor option under the Building tab.

Why Choose Email Builder?

Here are the main advantages of using Pardot’s Email Builder for creating your marketing emails:

  • You may write your email as you wish. Start from scratch and use the editing tools provided in the Email Builder to edit your content and text.
  • You may use any of Pardot’s pre-uploaded marketing layouts alongside the Email Builder editing tools.
  • You need not use HTML codes in Email Builder. You can create beautiful and professional-looking marketing emails without even applying a single line of code, thanks to Email Builder’s WYSIWYG abilities.
  • You still have the option to view your completed email’s HTML codes if you need to. Just click on the HTML tab option beside Editor and Preview, all under the Building tab.
  • You can preview your completed email in the eyes of a prospective recipient, and make necessary changes as you desire. Click on the Preview tab and select Enable prospect preview to do this.

To sum it all up, Email Builder is an easy-to-use email editor under Pardot that enables you to communicate well with your customers through the creation of high-quality marketing emails. With its content and text-editing options and no-need-for-coding feature, creating actionable marketing emails will surely be a breeze.

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