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How to Enable the Engage Sales Tools Page in Pardot

Salesforce Engage comes with a Visualforce page called Engage Sales Tools. This page contains helpful resources that could be of use to your org members. However, Engage Sales Tools page initially comes disabled for your org members. This post will explain how you, as an administrator, can grant access to this page for your org members.

What’s Inside Engage Sales Tools Page?

This Visualforce page includes the following contents:

  • Helpful links to Salesforce Engage’s documentation
  • Training resources for Salesforce Engage learners
  • Download link for Engage for Gmail feature
  • Download links for Engage Alerts Desktop, both for Windows and Mac computers

Links provided under the Engage Sales Tools page can be used whenever one of your org members needs to clarify something in the Engage documentations, or when you need to install Engage for Gmail and Engage Alerts Desktop.

Enabling the Engage Sales Tools page isn’t a mandatory thing to do; it’s purely optional. However, Salesforce highly recommends that you enable it so you and your org members have greater access to installation links and other learning resources.

How to Enable the Page?

Engage Sales Tools Page can be activated in three different ways:

  1. Salesforce Engage App Tab – Visualforce tabs often allow users to access a particular Visualforce page within the Salesforce platform. You may enable the Engage Sales Tools Page using the Visualforce tab related to the said page.
  2. Button found inside Engage Campaigns – You’ll find a custom button that can launch the Engage Sales Tools Page easily within the Engage Campaigns interface. Click the button to start enabling the Visualforce page.
  3. A link on the Salesforce Engage interface sidebar – The enabling link for the Visualforce page can be found as a custom home page component of the Salesforce Engage interface. Simply click on the link in the sidebar and you’re set.

Note that the Salesforce administrator is the only one allowed to grant enabling access to the Engage Sales Tools Page.

To sum it up, Salesforce Engage comes with a useful Visualforce tools page that has links for installation of features and help topics. It is up to you as an administrator to choose which among the three aforementioned steps to use in activating the Engage Sales Tools Page. Whatever method you prefer, enabling the page will surely benefit you and your fellow org members.

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