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Experience Picturesque Views of Iconic San Francisco from Salesforce’s Skyscraper Tower

Salesforce opens its San Francisco tower’s doors to the public for free with tours of their topmost Ohana Floor. The tours promise an hour-long spectacle of lovely sights and unique views of the Bay Area. Salesforce announced free admission to the Ohana Floor last February 2019 as a way to thank the community for their unending support to the company.

What to Expect in the Tour

Ohana Floor Tour is a one-hour special tour of Salesforce San Francisco Tower’s topmost floor. Tour participants are free to relax in the Ohana Floor and enjoy the picturesque view of San Francisco 1,070 feet in the sky. Visitors are highly encouraged to take photos as they enjoy the lovely scenery of Bay Area from atop the Ohana Floor.

Visitors will tour the floor in four separate groups on a set tour date. They need to book themselves online at to be included in a tour group. Tours are only available once every calendar year per person.

Food and beverages are not allowed on the Ohana Floor, except plastic and metal water bottles. There are also no concessionaires up there, so don’t expect to be eating while you’re on the tour.

Those with infants and children are allowed to bring their car seats and strollers inside the building. Persons with special needs are also welcome to bring their service animals along. However, pet animals are not allowed inside the building.

Upon entry, you will be asked to present valid government-issued IDs to prove your identity and as a security measure.

Why Join a Tour

Going on a tour up the Salesforce Tower is a great experience for those who want to view San Francisco’s skyline from another visual perspective. It’s also a chance to discover how the Salesforce offices look like from the inside. The best part of it all is that the tours are free of charge, so you won’t have to worry about shelling out cash just to enter the Salesforce building.

Wrapping It Up

Salesforce offers free tours of their Ohana Floor, the topmost floor of their tower in San Francisco. These tours are designed to let the community experience the picturesque view of the Bay Area from atop the Salesforce Tower. The tours run for an hour and have multiple time slots within the scheduled date. Certain restrictions on food and animals apply on these tours. Be sure to also bring along a valid ID for identification.

Visitors may check out for pre-registration. Salesforce will be adding more tour dates for 2020 because currently, all tour dates are already booked. Still, visit their site and register for notification of future tours dates.

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