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What Is File Owner in Salesforce?

A file created by a user in Salesforce is deemed owned by that user. It is privately owned by him unless he changes the permission setting or shares that file with other users. File sharing setting options are “privately shared” or “your company”. Shared files can be made private again.

Private Files

Any file you make becomes private to you when you do one of the following:

  • Upload the file in Files Home.
  • Put it in your private library.
  • You sync the file in your Sync folder.

Private files can be accessed by its owners and other users with the “Modify All Data” permission. No one except the owner has access to files kept in the owner’s library.

Privately Shared Files

The file was only shared to specific users or groups. Another method is by sharing the file via link. People with the above-mentioned permission or “View All Data” permission have access to it.

If you publish a file in a shared library, people who have access to that library can view and read your file. You may still have to check for permissions required for access to files published in that particular library.

Your Company

This file can be found and read by other users in your company. The way to effect this state on your file is to post to a feed that all users are allowed to see.

Making a File Private by Deleting a Post

Deleting a post that contains the file will make it fully private, provided that it has not been shared or posted somewhere else.

<h2> Things Users with Modify All Data Permission Can Do with Shared Files </h2>

Users with this permission can view, download, preview, attach, share, restrict access to, make private, upload a new version, edit and delete a file that is not theirs. Only by putting your file in your private library can guarantee that no one can find it.

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