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What Is Forecast Amount in Salesforce?

Forecast amount in Salesforce is the function that determines expected sales that can be made out of an opportunity or opportunities. It helps people from the sales department draw conclusions and figure out the probability of sales.

How to See Forecast Reports in Collaborative Forecasts

To know if a new forecast amount report is available from your Salesforce admin, go to the Reports tab. Select “New Report”. Click the folder where they have supposedly put the report. If you can’t find the report, contact the admin. If there’s a report but you can’t run or view it, the report must have been deleted.

Since this function is under the collaborative section of the software where actions from different points can happen simultaneously, there can be disparities in the report or forecast amounts.

When you run a report, that report contains the latest information from your admin. If your admin is currently making changes while you are running the report, it is possible that you will see a difference between the amounts in the forecasts page and the amounts that you are seeing.

In Collaborative Forecasts, users may see different data depending on what you are allowed to view. Some managers are allowed to view adjusted amounts in reports, while others are not allowed. Examine the results of reports carefully because one report may represent the total of several forecast amounts.

Use Customizable Forecasting

Alternatively, you can use the Customizable Forecasting function of Salesforce. Use it to review forecasts and forecast amounts. With this, you can view all opportunities included in all your forecasts. This function also allows you to override forecasts using the Forecast tab without letting those below you in the hierarchy of the changes you are making.

You can customize your forecasts according to frequency such as monthly or quarterly. When defining amounts, you can use different dates for them.  You can also set the amount based on expected revenue or quantity or both.

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