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Foster Customer Engagement with Salesforce Customer 360

Dreamforce 18 has just concluded and as expected, it was loaded with keynotes, events, information, and product announcements. Customer 360 was one of the new innovations that were introduced by the global leader in CRM, Salesforce. What is Customer 360?

With Customer 360, users of Salesforce apps will now be able to bring together customer experiences. Customers should be put first in everything a business does—and Salesforce understands this principle. The company came up with a full-range business solution that will offer customers a connected experience in relation to marketing, service, e-commerce and more.

With Customer 360, companies will be able to create a single channel of customer information. Each customer will have an individual profile for their interactions. It will serve as a cross-channel to deliver services and experiences and easing the need for app-specific connections.

It should be every company’s goal to go the extra mile for their customer. Customer 360 will enable companies to enhance customer engagement by easily meeting their demands. Here are some of the benefits of Customer 360:

  • The new admin interface will allow easy management of customer data throughout Salesforce apps through clicks instead of codes.
  • Customer profiles will be comprehensive, relevant, and up-to-date via the Customer 360 ID.
  • Cross-channel customer experiences will be facilitated using the pre-built packages

Why is a “connected experience” important? Customers feel that brands are engaged when they have a personalized experience. It is imperative that a company has a historical view of a client’s product usage or past actions. How is this so?

Let’s take the example of a service representative telling a disgruntled customer that he will be transferred to a different channel of assistance for his service request because the representative does not have enough pertinent information on hand. Or a customer receiving an email marketing proposal for a product that she has just purchased a couple of hours earlier.

This happens when customer information is not located in one channel or profile. The ease of providing service or offering new products is lost and there is no opportunity to improve customer engagement. When there is an experience of disconnect with the brand or company, there is customer dissatisfaction.

You win at business when you have strong customer engagement and a consistent connected experience. That’s where Customer 360 can be a big help.

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