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Global Jet Centre

Businesses often have an intricate web of customer and supplier data that need to be connected in several ways for a certain business process to work. And since all of these sensitive data can be accessed by anyone within the company, an effective security management for the protection of data privacy must also be enforced.

These are the exact business solution requirements that Global Jet Centre wants to attain. They wanted to have an efficient data management system which can be utilized and accessed by concerned employees safely.

Located at the heart of the world’s busiest international hub, Global Jet Centre have earned our reputation of being the most luxurious UAE-based air charter solution specialist in the region by delivering to their client’s needs time and time again.

Background on Global Jet Centre:

Global Jet Centre is UAE’s premier air charter solution specialist based in Dubai. They provide their clients with charter services including private executive jets, group charters, VIP luxury trips, and air ambulance services. GJC does not own a particular aircraft brand; they team up with different global partner operators to offer their clients a variety of aircraft services.


Global Jet Centre Customer Story
Global Jet Centre Customer Story

What Global Jet Centre Needs:

Global Jet Centre’s business seems simple – providing aircraft solutions to various clients. But their business flow becomes quite complicated behind the scenes. That is why GJC faces the following challenges:

  • The need to manage an extensive range of related databases such as Aircraft, Airports, Routes, Suppliers, and Quotations

  • A security model to prevent sales reps from unauthorized use of client databases

  • Generating various documents for Quotes, Orders, and Opportunities automatically instead of the current manual practice

  • Creating automated notifications and alerts for sales activities to allow them to monitor their reps’ KPI performance.

Salesforce-Driven Solutions for Global Jet Centre:

Cloudworks needed to come up with an extensive range of solutions for GJC’s various requirements. Here’s how Cloudworks implemented Salesforce use within the company:

  • A unique system to address database integration was developed using Visualforce pages, Apex, Workflows, and Process Builders. GJC may now move through various client databases and connect them with each other to accomplish a certain business process they’re aiming for.

  • Cloudworks installed and configured Nintex Drawloop to give GJC team the ability to generate all the documents from the system.

  • Security settings were enhanced. Organization-wide settings were edited to reflect what certain users can or cannot do with a piece of data they come across with. Sharing Rules were updated especially for Public Groups. Profiles and Roles were also assigned to appropriate users accordingly.

  • Time-triggered notifications and relevant email alerts were set-up for appropriate business activities reflected in the system.
Global Jet Centre Customer Story

The Outcome:

GJC was pleased to work with Cloudworks because they were able to address several requirements with ease and effectiveness. The app used to generate documents on-demand has become highly successful and is still being used to date, while data management to complete their intricate business processes became highly successful.

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