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Global Village

Dubai’s Global Village is a massive entertainment and shopping complex visited by tourists from across the globe. Running such a large business with multi-national entrepreneurs poses unique challenges that other businesses do not have. These range from entrepreneurs’ visa applications to tracking employee attendance properly.

Global Village knew that Salesforce can help solve many of the problems they’re facing as a business. So they sought out Cloudworks’ help to pave the way for proper Salesforce implementation to address their needs.

Global Village Dubai, is the leading seasonal cultural extravaganza in the region that offers visitors an amazing array of festivals, shopping & entertainment.

Background on Global Village:

Global Village is considered as the world’s largest tourism, entertainment, shopping, and leisure hub.  It is located in Dubailand, Dubai, and has a total land area of 17.2 million square feet. Over 5 million tourists come to Global Village each year.

Each pavilion in the village showcases its wares and represents a different country and culture. Tourists can enjoy live shows, restaurants, and shopping centres in this area.

Global Village prides itself in being the first entertainment and shopping centre in the Middle East region.

Global Village Customer Story Cloudworks
Global Village Customer Story Cloudworks 3

What Global Village Needs:

Such a unique business entity faces equally unique challenges that they hope will be addressed by using Salesforce. Here is a compilation of Global Village’s needs:

  • A better system of visa application for global entrepreneurs

  • An online payment gateway to easily manage payments from a wide array of investors.

  • Attendance monitoring through a biometric system.

Salesforce-Driven Global Village Solutions:

Global Village had an existing Salesforce implementation when they approached Cloudworks. The system was hence widely used by a large number of users and very heavily customised (for example more than 60% of the APEX limit was consumed and the case object had more than 300 workflows). Building something in such a heavily customized org, in a very short span of time was a real challenge. Cloudworks had to make sure that every single new implementation was not impacting the existing org and working with the existing customization.

Cloudworks came up with the following solutions to address Global Village’s requirements:

  • Created a fully-automatic online visa application process that can be tracked online. This made investors and entrepreneurs easier to attract into coming to UAE.
  • Created a new online payment system that will simplify payment and auditing activities for Global Village users.

Came up with a biometric system linked to Salesforce so that their users will track attendance matters readily online.

Global Village Customer Story Cloudworks

The Outcome:

Global Village Solutions implemented Salesforce gradually into their organization. Salesforce simplified important online tasks such as biometrics, fingerprint scanning, and online visa processing. Global Village Solutions is pleased because not only did they get valuable software expertise from Cloudworks, they also got worthy and compassionate human beings.

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