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Gmail to Salesforce Integration

It’s no secret that business operations need more than just a database, which is what Salesforce provides. You also need an email client that you can use to trade emails with clients during the course of business.

The good news is that there is a way to integrate Gmail into the Salesforce CRM. This will allow you to not only view all the Salesforce information of a contact right on the Gmail side bar.

Integration also allows you to do a lot of other things. You can create a new task, log a call, create an event, and make modifications to that contact’s record.


Gmail integration is available in all editions of Salesforce with being the only exception. This integration is available in both Lightning Experience and in Salesforce Classic.
Remember that an activated he Google Apps service will be visible to all your Salesforce users. Your users will need Google Apps accounts on your organization’s domain so they can use these services.

Integration Process

There are two ways to integrate Google Apps in Salesforce. The first option is via Gmail to Salesforce while the other one is with the use of Gmail links and buttons.

Activating Gmail to Salesforce is simple. From setup, go to the Quick Find box and enter « Email to Salesforce. » Select Email to Salesforce from the options and confirm that the service is activated.

Back to the Quick Find box, this time enter « Google Apps Settings. » Set a Google Apps Domain and a Google Apps Administrative Contact.

If you prefer to use Gmail Buttons and Links, enter « Google Apps » in the Quick Find box. Select Google Apps and Settings from the results. That will pull up the Activate Google Apps Services list. Find the button for Gmail Buttons and Links and click Edit and then select “Active.” Finally click agree to the terms of service and then click Save.

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