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Google and Salesforce Agree on the Cloud

Salesforce entered into an official strategic partnership with Google last November 2017 to expand the utilization of the cloud and offer all their users a better way to connect with their respective end-customers.

Combining the Power of Two Giants

Salesforce and Google both recognize the remarkable role of the cloud in providing company users with the ease of digitizing all their business processes for the sake of quality customer service and satisfaction. Hence, the new alliance created between these two giant companies integrates the powerful tools of G Suite and Google Analytics 360 to the Salesforce platform.

When Google and Salesforce tools combine together, company users get a fresh yet powerful way to connect with their customers through an accessible single platform.

Salesforce and Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 is a range of products aimed at providing companies information they can use for their marketing plans and return-of-investment monitoring. Now, the powerful tools under the Google Analytics 360 suite are integrated within the Salesforce platform in these specific ways:

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud to show campaigns and audiences data from Analytics 360.

Monitoring customer engagement and formulating email and mobile marketing strategies is now easier because data from Analytics 360 can now be seen and used from a single dashboard in Marketing Cloud’s platform.

  • Data from Salesforce Sales Cloud shown in Analytics 360

Similarly, data from Sales Cloud is made available in Analytics 360 to help marketers gain deeper consumer insights and formulate targeted ad campaigns. This will result to better customer engagement and prospects turning into real customers in no time.

Salesforce and G Suite

G Suite is Google’s group of productivity services in the cloud. It is comprised of Gmail, Google+, Hangouts, Calendar, Drive, Sheets, Slides, Docs, Sites, and Forms. Collectively, they were formerly known as Google Apps.

All these productivity services have been integrated with Salesforce using Salesforce Lightning and Quip.

  • Salesforce Lightning users can take valuable customer information from Gmail and vice versa.
  • Salesforce users can automatically create a new Google Sheet for a set of Salesforce Records or Reports. These sheets will automatically be updated in both tools as well.
  • Service and sales reps can now pull relevant customer data from Salesforce within the Hangouts Meet interface, ensuring more efficient data sharing for better customer service.
  • Quip Live Apps embedded within Calendar and Drive let users upload lists of their Docs, Sheets, and Slides directly inside Quip. Google Calendars can also be embedded through this integration.

Summing It Up

Salesforce and Google both agree that the cloud is meant to be used for simplifying data management across any company. Hence, their integration means that company users can now connect and analyze all of their consumer data across Google Analytics 360, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud all in one platform of their choice. This increases productivity and efficiency within the user companies, all for the sake of success and excellent customer service.

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