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Google and Salesforce Partnership – No Way to Go But Up

Google and Salesforce two innovative companies that are shaping the online world. And when they join forces, everything just becomes better.

And that’s what happened in November when a strategic partnership was forged between the two companies. Their ultimate goal is to continue helping companies and customers connect with each other in new ways.

They listened to customers, and here are the results.

Enhanced buying experience

Google Marketing Platform products such as Google Tag Manager 360, Google Optimize 360, and Google Analytics 360 as well as Salesforce tools like Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud are now available from purchase at Salesforce in US and Canada. Customers who want to improve their market effectiveness with these industry-leading solutions will benefit from this simplified buying experience.

Improved connected data. The Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce Sales Cloud integration has resulted in more advanced capabilities. One of these is the ability to import e-commerce metrics like Einstein Lead Scoring and Sales Cloud attributes into Google Analytics 360. This gives a more holistic view on business performance and customer behavior.

Better productivity. Four new features have also come out thanks to this partnership.

  • Gmail’s Inbox Beta is a Google Chrome extension for Gmail that supports the integration between Salesforce Inbox and Gmail. New productivity tools include Email Tracking and Insert Calendar Availability.
  • Lightning Object Creator enables customers to convert any Google Sheet to a Salesforce application in a few minutes for an improved development experience.
  • Data Connector for Salesforce has enabled the Google Sheets add-on available for Salesforce users. They can now import reports and data to and from Google Sheets and Salesforce. This optimizes workflow and reduces repetitive work.
  • Google Sheet for Salesforce builds on the Data Connector for Salesforce in enabling customers to access a Salesforce List View via a Google Sheet.

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