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Visibility in a centralized system is important for everyone in the organization to effectively monitor and manage projects, activities, and pipeline. Visibility becomes even more important if the company has several groupings within a division, since higher management may not be able to completely monitor the performances of each grouping without a centralized visible system to aid them.

Gulf & World Traders (GWT) has been aspiring for this centralized system which will improve visibility across all areas of their operations. They wanted to shift to this better data management model to modernize their sales process and make their work efficient and effective.

Gulf & World Traders, a member of the Belhoul Group was established in 1969 as the flagship of the today’s Belhoul Group with the vision of its founder Dr. Juma Khalfan Belhoul Al Falasi, to provide United Arab Emirates, and neighbouring GCC countries with the most advanced hi-tech health care related products.

Background on Gulf & World Traders:

GWT is a medical equipment manufacturer and distributor based in Dubai, UAE. The company was established in 1969 by Dr. Juma Khalfan Belhoul Al Falasi and is the flagship member company of the Belhoul Group.

GWT wants to provide top-notch medical equipment not just in UAE, but across all GC member countries as well. The company is already accessible in the Middle East, thanks to its offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Muscat, and Doha.


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What Gulf & World Traders Needs:

Here is a brief run-down of what challenges DWT needs to face regarding their data management tools, usage, and software.

  • Automated data management using CRM programs

  • Increased organization visibility through a new centralized system for tracking business and pipeline.

  • Difficulty in training new employees about the automated systems

Salesforce-Driven Solutions for Gulf & World Traders:

Cloudworks made sure to implement the following measures in improving GWT’s data management systems:

  • A security system which provides data privacy features depending on which division tries to gain access to a certain amount of working data.

A custom Activity Planner feature developed to help increase efficiency by planning and plotting down weekly activities that needs to be accomplished. This feature also helps managers view and allocate assignments to agents readily.

  • Forecasting and reporting are helping GWT team to get insights from the system which were simply impossible with their excel based tracking. Now GWT can set individual goals, team level targets and can monitor the progress in real time at any level. Also, the reporting provides important statistics such as closed business and pipeline against each principal, which significantly helps them negotiate and liaise with suppliers during meetings.
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The Outcome:

Cloudworks’ specialized Salesforce-driven solutions improved data visibility across the entire company. This spearheaded a major change in data management and security and paved the way for quality growth within the company.

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