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What is Half-Life in Salesforce

Salesforce has a dedicated community where users across an organization can share ideas, comment on them, vote which ideas are worthy, collaborate with fellow users and suggest innovative things. This community feature is called Ideas. This community works towards sharing knowledge to all for the company’s benefit.

The Salesforce Ideas community contains several functions to keep the users’ shared ideas intact and updated. One setting is called half-life. This post will explain what half-life is, and how it affects users within the Ideas platform.

Overview of Ideas

To better understand what half-life means, let’s have an overview of how the Ideas community work.

  • Community members post suggestions that get publicly posted. Other users may view them and vote for it according to its relevance. Community members may either promote or demote an idea.
  • An idea gets points when users vote for it; every vote is equivalent to 10 points. Similarly, when an idea gets demoted, 10 points are deducted from its overall score. The idea’s overall score determines its popularity rating and forms the basis for it to enter the Popular Ideas subtab.

Definition of Half-Life

Half-life is a setting that regulates the rate at which old ideas drop on the Popular Ideas ranking. Half-life clears the Popular Ideas subtab of old ideas and makes room for newer ideas with recent votes. Ideas with a shorter half-life moves down the page faster than a those with a longer half-life. Half-life is usually expressed in days.

Setting up the Half-Life

Administrators can easily configure the half-life of ideas that community members post.

  1. Navigate to the Ideas Settings from the Setup interface.
  2. Ensure that Ideas is activated by ticking the checkbox for Enable Ideas.
  3. Locate the Half-Life field. Enter the desired number of days.
  4. Hit Save.

The set half-life will affect all member posts across all zones on the Ideas community.

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