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Have a Conversation with Your Data with Einstein Analytics

Access to reliable analytics can make a tremendous impact on your business when you pursue a digital transformation. The great thing about Salesforce is that it doesn’t only help you with the automation process but also gives you the tools that you need to assess your digital efforts.

 Finding Value in Analytics 

Business applications, dashboards, reports, projections, predictions, and explanations – all of these help you make sense of the information gathered from your digital business efforts. With these analytical data, you can determine which efforts are effective and which ones may require some adjustments, all in the hopes of helping your business grow.

In Salesforce, analytical data is known collectively as Einstein Analytics. And if access to dashboards, charts, and the like weren’t enough, developers have churned out a feature that will make data assessment even more effective for business users. This feature is called Conversational Queries. In essence, it enables Salesforce users to have a conversation with the data component.

 How Does It Work? 

With the Conversational Queries feature, Salesforce users can get their desired data faster not to mention by simpler means. All that has to be done is for a question, a query, to be typed into the system. For example, if you need to check revenue streams, you can input a search query like “display top accounts by monthly revenue” or “show accounts by country.” You can even ask the system to present you with information related to account rankings if necessary.

By making the informational query process simpler, you get to your data faster and without much need for training just to determine what those charts and graphs mean. It thereby expands the user base of the system, allows for more rapid action-taking, and improves the shareability of results. With this feature, everyone can be a data scientist.

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