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Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. with a Day of Service

Salesforce went out to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day with their black employees and their allies last January 21, 2019. The walk was organized to pay tribute to Dr. King’s contributions to civil rights and also to remember the Civil Rights March. Several volunteer activities were also done during this day.

The March for Equality

Employees of color, their families and their colleagues gathered and marched on the streets of San Francisco. A total of 1,200 people participated in the march, most of whom aren’t really black employees, but their colleagues who considered themselves as allies of the black tech community. Leading the Salesforce pack during this day were the Black Employee Resource Group called BOLDforce and the Salesforce Office of Equality.

The Black National Anthem was sung to start the day and kick-off the march. Kids went to art stations to fill pictures of Dr. King with color. Employees, colleagues, families, and friends walked with placards bearing the messages “Empower Our Youth”, “Justice for All”, and “Equality for All”. A huge BOLDforce flag waved in the background.

It is amazing to see so many people participate in this march in honor of Dr. King. To think that two years ago in 2017, only around 100 black employees participated in the first-ever march dedicated to this day and also initiated by BOLDforce.

Inside the Salesforce Offices

The celebration of Dr. King’s legacy also carries on inside the Salesforce Towers. Lobby screens lit up with messages and quotes from Dr. King. Images of the late civil rights leader accompanied these quotes. Employee allies were also present to encourage the black tech community and make them feel that they’re not alone.

Celebrations and Activities in Other Locations

Salesforce employees in Indy, Atlanta, New York, Portland, and Chicago did various activities to make the day even more memorable:

  • Salesforce NYC volunteered to help students with their LinkedIn profile reviews.
  • Salesforce Indy wrote letters promoting Equality for All at Watkins Park.
  • Salesforce Atlanta presented $8,200 fundraised by BOLDforce to Young Middle School to help renovate and decorate their science rooms and restrooms.
  • Salesforce Chicago painted the walls of Deneen Elementary School.
  • Salesforce Portland employees volunteered in preparations for the 34th Annual MLK Tribute.

Wrapping It Up

Salesforce employees from across the country celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a flurry of activities. They showed their support for the black tech community through parades, marches, arts, and volunteer activities. It was truly a memorable and inspiring day for employees of color, their colleagues, and the entire black community.

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