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What Is Hover Detail in Salesforce

Salesforce aims to create a helpful user interface so that you won’t get lost navigating through the various elements of their platform. And one such way to easily see field items in Salesforce is by using Hover Details.

Hover Details Defined

When you mouse over some details in your Salesforce platform, you’ll see a callout box with contains vital information about that particular field. This information is called hover details.

You need not click on your field links to open the hover details box. Simply let your mouse pointer linger above the link, and you’ll instantly see the hover details box.

Hover Details Sample

Here’s an example to give you a clearer picture of how hover details work.

Go to the Cases tab under the Salesforce interface. You’ll find your last visited object links under the Recent Items section on the left side of your screen. Point your mouse to any of these hyperlinks. A pop-up callout box will appear containing information about opportunities linked to that case. This information is your hover details.

Your details will depend on the fields listed under this hyperlink objects. In this case, possible hover details regarding your hyperlink may include:

  • Opportunity Name
  • Account Name
  • Probability
  • Stage
  • Close Date

When you remove your mouse pointer over the hyperlink, the hover details disappear.

Considerations in Using Hover Details

Keep these things in mind when dealing with hover details:

  • You can easily configure the use of hover details in your user interface. Do this by going to Setup, then typing User Interface in the Quick Find Box. Then, select User Interface. You’ll be taken to a list of features. Check or uncheck the Enable Hover Details option, then click Save.
  • If you disable hover details, you will see a shortcut key such as Alt + I when you hover over object links.
  • Each hover detail box gives you options to either view the fields or edit them. It’s an easy way to manage your object fields without having to manually go to each one of them.

To sum it all up, hover details are little helpful pieces of information that lead you to fields related to your objects. These details can be viewed simply by pointing your mouse over hover links. They can easily be enabled and disabled through the User Interface settings. Hover details make navigating, editing, and viewing object details simpler and easier.

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