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How Can I Sync Pardot and Salesforce?

Sales teams effectively use Salesforce for generating and managing leads that can prospectively turn into successful sales. But not all of these B2B leads are actually sales-ready when they are turned over to the marketing team. To prevent this from happening, marketing automation tool Pardot can be integrated into Salesforce.

Quick View of Pardot

Pardot is a program that lets marketers automatically track prospects, send automated marketing emails, and gauge their readiness for sales through lead scoring. Pardot is actually Salesforce’s marketing automation platform. Hence, the system blends in well with the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Syncing Pardot to Salesforce

You must install Pardot application first from the AppExchange using the links provided in this site in order to sync it to your Salesforce org. Use the links and do not directly go to AppExchange to download Pardot, or else your existing Salesforce org will not be updated with custom fields, tabs, and leads from Pardot.

Once installed, grant Pardot Connector User permission set to the connector user.

  • Go to Setup > Quick Find Box, then type in Users and select Users.
  • Choose your preferred connector user.
  • Go to Permission Set Assignments, then hit Edit Assignments.
  • Click Pardot Connector User and click on Add arrow button on the Available Permission Sets dialog box.
  • Hit Save.

The selected user is now saved as the connector user. Admins must assign specific permissions to the user prior to configuring the Salesforce-Pardot integration, such as permissions for standard objects and View Setup and Configuration.

Next, you will now add Salesforce-Pardot connector in Pardot. Note that administrators are the only ones authorized to create the connector.

  • Open Pardot and Go to Admin > Connectors.
  • Click on Add Connector, then select Salesforce > Create Connector.
  • A popup box appears. Enter the connector user’s credentials to login to Salesforce.
  • Click on Allow and select settings for your connector.
  • Click on Finish.

Lastly, you need to do configuration for Pardot in Salesforce. You may do the following activities under this step:

  • Map custom fields from Pardot to Salesforce Contact Fields.
  • Display Pardot data within Salesforce
  • Give access to Salesforce users so that they can see and use Pardot data
  • Enable Pardot buttons inside Salesforce page layouts

Once all these are individually done, your sync with Pardot and Salesforce is now completed.


Salesforce and Pardot can be integrated together to help sales teams and marketers manage and monitor leads and act on them accordingly. You need to use and configure the Salesforce-Pardot connector to fully integrate the two systems successfully together.

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