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How Can Subscriptions Help You Grow Your Business

Can a subscription to Salesforce help you grow your business? The quick answer is yes, it can help you grow your business. Of course, the devil is in the details so it would be best look into the pros and cons of subscribing to this customer relationship management platform.

What are the Pros?

It’s A Cloud Solution – with your subscription, you can log on to this CRM anytime and anywhere as long as you have an active internet connection. That means you will need fewer resources to actually run your business. Think of the costs that you will be saving.

Efficient Staff Management – one of the best things about this CRM service is that it allows you to track all the work related activities of your staff and other employees. You can see the record of the phone calls they made, tasks they have completed, goals they have yet to hit, the status of each task at hand, and share data and information as you collaborate with people.

It Automates Your Business – Imagine putting your business on autopilot. You can watch how your sales funnel is going. After which you can make adjustments to your forecasts and make adjustments to your forecasts.

It is Very Easy to Manage – after you subscribe to Salesforce, everything else will be pretty simple. Navigating this tool is pretty straightforward. You’ll find all the links on the navigation bar at the top of the screen. From there you can access account information, campaigns, leads, forecasts, and others.

No Compatibility Issues – Salesforce has no compatibility issues. It works with pretty much any browser there is out there. This also allows users to take advantage of social media collaboration tools like Chatter.

The Cons

Even though a Salesforce subscription is a powerful tool, it does have a few drawbacks. First off, it’s a bit pricey. Of course you can consider it as an

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