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How Chefs are Using Restaurants to Solve Poverty and Hunger

Chef Jose Andres is known for his successful restaurants in the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The concept of small plate dining in America can be traced back to his influence in the culinary industry. To date, most of his time is taken up by his humanitarian efforts through the non-profit organization he founded – World Central Kitchen.

In an interview during the 2018 Salesforce Tour in New York, he shared that he had family members who worked as nurses. He noticed that doctors and nurses who gave something simple like a “nice smile or opening the door for patients” have a significant impact to a patient’s life. It is through this experience that gave him the inspiration to go beyond his duty as a chef in feeding the few in his restaurants. It moved him to use his “two hands in feeding the many” that do not have access to food.

Solving problems through the power of food

World Central Kitchen is a non-profit and non-governmental organization dedicated to providing food in areas struck by natural calamities. The organization led the disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the country.

The non-profit organization also helped first responders and volunteers, and fed affected families during the 2017 Thomas Fire in Southern California. World Central Kitchen also held disaster relief efforts in South Carolina for Hurricane Florence, in Hawaii on June 2018, and Washington DC during the government shutdown.

Working with Salesforce

Chef Jose Andres works with Salesforce to make the vision of World Central Kitchen a reality. Salesforce’s technologies provide an efficient volunteer system, and a safe, responsive, and efficient logistics system. These technologies also help them locate kitchens that can accommodate their operations in areas of calamity.

Through these, World Central Kitchen becomes more effective in feeding people who have experienced possibly the most traumatic moments of their lives. Chef Jose Andres, the volunteer chefs, and the other volunteers have an easier time in providing their time and effort in providing help, cooking food, and feeding those in areas of need.

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