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How Does Email to Salesforce Work?

Email to Salesforce is a feature that enables emails from your external email apps to automatically relate to your Salesforce records, contacts, opportunities, and leads. This feature is useful for sales teams and marketers as it lets them easily track business emails and integrate them into their marketing and sales efforts.

This powerful feature is available in all Salesforce editions and can be accessed in both Classic and Lightning Experience interfaces.

Setting Up Email to Salesforce

Configure your Email to Salesforce feature through the following steps:

  • Go to your personal email settings.
  • Go to Quick Find Box and type in Email to Salesforce.
  • Select My Email to Salesforce.
  • Locate My Acceptable Email Addresses and type in your personal email address. You can enter more than one address if you are using multiple email accounts for sending your outgoing mails. Just separate them with a comma.
  • Go to Email Associations and complete the options according to your needs.
  • You may choose to exclude certain multiple email domains from the email associations. Add these email domains in Excluded Domains and use commas to separate each domain.
  • Click on Save.

You will get a long email address to be used as your Email to Salesforce address. After that, your Email to Salesforce is now configured and ready for use.

Email to Salesforce at Work

When you send an email through an external mail client, you can add your personal Email to Salesforce address (that long email sent to you by the system) under your BCC so that Salesforce automatically receives a copy of the email you sent, and associates it with the appropriate contacts. Your email will appear in your Salesforce record’s Activity History.

You can also configure Salesforce to place your sent emails under My Unresolved items page. Your unassigned emails can also be found under your open task list. From there, you can assign the emails manually to the records you want them to be associated with.


Email to Salesforce is an easy way to automatically associate your outgoing emails to the appropriate records, leads, contacts, and opportunities within Salesforce. A quick configuration is all you need to get this exciting feature started.

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