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How PepUp Tech is Helping the Creation of Diverse Technology

Companies have multiple technological challenges to overcome if they want to compete in their industry these days. For starters, they have to keep up and master artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, and provide mobile experiences while quickly developing applications for their customers.

However, it does not matter that they can do these things well if they do not have diverse point of views in creating solutions. Companies have to consider different point of views arising from cultural differences. Otherwise, the models created would not be as responsive to those who have different cultural expectations.

Bringing together different voices

Companies avoid this by ensuring diversity in the organization by recruiting and hiring accordingly. However, there are other avenues to ensure this diversity through groups like PepUp Tech.

PepUp Tech is an organization made up of diverse individuals that are driving changes in the industry. Members have diverse backgrounds in terms of lifestyle, income level, educational background, professional experience, family background, and ethnicity. PepUp Tech members include executives in the tech industry, self-taught high school graduates, Ivy League graduates, community college graduates, and freelance app developers.

The group was born from the experiences of Selina Suarez as a nonprofit education funder. She observed that many individuals were having difficulties in their tech careers due to their limited tech access.

She talked about this with her Salesforce mentor Mary Scotten. In turn, Scotten introduced her to Stephanie Herrera, Shonnah Hughes, and Rebe de la Paz. From there, they created a model that helped individuals who stalled in their careers through free Salesforce and skills training.

Everybody wins

PepUp Tech serves as an entry-point for its members to the Salesforce Trailblazer Community. This gives them access to more training, and job opportunities in Salesforce or its customers. These opportunities help them become a part and have a significant role in Salesforce or the general tech industry. In return, Salesforce and tech organizations get access to skilled talent with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

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