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How Red Cross Used Salesforce to Inspire Thousands to Donate Blood

Red Cross and Salesforce announced a partnership last summer of 2018 for the humanitarian organization’s Missing Types campaign. This campaign aims to inspire individuals in the U.S. to donate blood to the Red Cross. This goal intends to mitigate blood shortages in hospitals in the country and ensure adequate supply for different blood types.

The campaign’s goal is to engage 370,000 new or previous blood donors to donate blood. But, Red Cross have reported that they were able to set 320,000 blood donation appointments by the end of the campaign’s inaugural year. The organization credits it to their efforts through their websites and social media channels, and advertisements in major metropolitan areas.

How Salesforce helped in the campaign

Red Cross used the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Commerce Cloud products of Salesforce in this campaign. Through these products, the organization was able to generate and track blood donor leads for their blood drive.

The quick results of the campaign are thanks to the Marketing Cloud. It tuned in to the social media conversations to gather information and helped formulate an effective strategy to reach potential donors. Through the Sales Cloud, the organization was able to manage information on blood and blood products supply, and distribute these accordingly to Red Cross’ partner healthcare providers.

Working together since 2009

Red Cross and Salesforce had been working since 2009. Salesforce’s products have helped Red Cross mobilize volunteers faster during a disaster by listening in on social media conversations. It gave the organization the means to efficiently grow their volunteers and maintain their relationship with them.

These products are also crucial in providing training for CPR, disaster preparedness, and water safety and lifeguarding to individuals, organizations, and facilities. It automated and streamlined the process so that Red Cross can focus on providing the necessary training and conducting humanitarian work.

Lastly, Salesforce products provided Red Cross the platform to manage all types of sales and service interactions. It personalized the training experience of their students so their certifications and training are up-to-date. This resulted in less calls and e-mails made to the organization’s service center.

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