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How Salesforce Prepared for the GDPR

With countless streams of information being processed online, data protection is even more essential these days. Especially when it comes to platforms like Salesforce, this kind of protection and the assurance of privacy matters a whole lot. Especially when data from over 100,000 companies are managed every single day, there’s a certain level of trust that Salesforce must have from its patrons.

 What is the GDPR? 

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation which hails from the European Union. Adopted in mid-2016, the GDPR was only applied come mid-2018. It’s a law covering privacy and data protection once meant for EU residents but have since been applied around the globe. It’s a regulation that aims to provide individuals with full control over their personal information and regulate access to them by various businesses.

It comes after the Data Protection Directive and covers rules even on how personal information is processed, especially on the Internet. It demands that consent be received from the owner of said information and that this person be given the right to terminate any form of data sharing when decided.

Data processors are also required to be transparent with their intent to collect and use said personal details. Should there be any breaches in their collection and storage protocols, the processors are required to report any incident within 3 days lest face hefty fines and legal action.

 Salesforce Application 

To prepare for the GDPR, Salesforce made sure that it improved data security protocols on the platform. Also, they became more transparent when it came to data collection. Their users were given full control over their data but were also educated in terms of applying their own privacy practices. By making their internal privacy protocols clearer, they also enabled their users to better comply with the GDPR-related regulations on the platform.

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