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How to Assign Data Category for Articles in Salesforce

There are different zones in Salesforce and one of them pertains to Articles. Zones refer to content collections and in this system, you can easily organize them for better tracking and accessibility. Did you know that you can classify articles and other knowledge components by following a few simple steps? What results are efficient and easy-to-navigate drop-down menus across the board.

 Feature Compatibility 

Data categories can be created in the Articles zone if you’re using the following versions of Salesforce: Classic, Unlimited, Performance, Developer, and Enterprise. You must have access to the Service Cloud though. If you’re using Salesforce Professional or Essentials, you can have this component installed for a fee.

 Purpose of Data Categories 

For knowledge components like Articles, assigning data categories makes content easier to find. An example series in this case would look something like this: Region > Product Line > Product > Features. For each article, you can expand the series to include a maximum of eight categories.

Now, when someone accesses the system, he can track the right content within a short amount of time. In the business sense, this efficiency can save you valuable time and a whole lot of money.

 Assigning Data Categories 

Here are the steps that you have to follow if you want to assign data categories for the Articles zone:

  1. Create an Articles category (“Region” in the example above).

  2. Add your preferred data categories (“Product Line” to “Features” in the example above).

  3. Go to “Setup” and look for the “Quick Find” box.

  4. Search for “Data Category Assignments” under the Articles zone.

  5. Click “Edit” then choose the categories you want to assign.

  6. Click “Save.”

  7. Wait for the confirmation email corresponding to this task.

If you need to change anything, you can do so by accessing the “Articles Management” tab.

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