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How to Configure Campaign Hierarchy in Salesforce

Your team needs campaigns to help plan your marketing and sales strategies accordingly. But did you know that Salesforce can help you prepare and configure campaigns for your organization?

Salesforce has this feature called Campaign Hierarchy. Find out more about this and how to create one in this tutorial.

Campaign Hierarchy Defined

Campaign Hierarchy is used to track statistics pertaining to your campaign groups. Take this example for instance:

  • Your team is running a series of email newsletters weekly. You would like to see how each newsletter series is performing, and you would also want to take a general view of the entire series as a whole.

You can apply Campaign Hierarchy here by creating one parent campaign for the entire newsletter series, and individual child campaigns for each week of the email newsletter releases.

You can use up to five levels in a campaign hierarchy. One campaign only needs a single parent campaign, but it may have unlimited sibling campaigns.

Campaign hierarchies are important for checking total campaign data at a glance. It makes your team see clearly and quickly what has been done for a particular year.

Creating a Campaign Hierarchy

Follow these steps to create and configure a new campaign hierarchy:

  • Configure field-level security for your fields. Do this by navigating to Setup > Customize > Campaigns > Fields, then clicking on your desired field and choosing “Set Field Level Security”. Do this for all fields you will use.
  • Add your visible fields to the proper page layouts.
  • Proceed to the child campaign records and start populating the parent campaign record on them.

You have now successfully configured your campaign’s hierarchy.

Now, if you click on the View Hierarchy link beside the Campaign Name, you will see the Campaign Hierarchy comprised of the following information:

  • Total Responses in the entire hierarchy
  • Total Contacts
  • Total Leads
  • Who created this hierarchy

Summing It Up

Use campaign hierarchies if you want to quickly gain total information about the campaign you use in your Salesforce organization. Setting up and configuring the hierarchy involves creating a parent campaign and populating it across child campaigns by setting field level security for each record to be used.

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