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How to Create an Indirect Lookup Relationship in Salesforce

In the Salesforce Connect system, there is a new feature that users will gain access to and it’s called Indirect Lookup Relationship. What you have here is a field type that can be used to connect custom or standard objects to external ones. You can consider it as an improved version of regular lookup relationships as the latter can only connect standard with custom objects.

 What to Expect 

When you create an indirect lookup relationship, you can link objects based on customer identification fields. For example, you can link orders with accounts and in doing so generate a related list on the Accounts page.

 Creating an Indirect Lookup Relationship 

Connecting objects with this new feature is relatively simple. Here are the steps you should follow to create one:

  1. Go to “Setup” and use “Quick Find.”

  2. Input the object name and select it.

  3. Click on the customer ID field.

  4. Click “Edit” and select “Change Field Type.”

  5. Select “Indirect Lookup Relationship” and click “Next.”

  6. Select “Account” in the “Related To” value and click “Next.”

  7. Choose “Customer ID” in the value for the “Target Field” and click “Next.”

  8. For the field length, input “18.”

  9. Leave everything else in their default settings and click “Next.”

  10. Depending on your preference, you can choose to make this new component visible to everyone in the system. To do this, select “Visible” and click “Next.” This is a setting that you can change later on. There are times when it might be better if you became selective with granting access.

  11. Leave all other settings in default mode then click “Save.” As you do this, you will find a new Orders list on your Accounts pages.

You can check your accounts via the Accounts tab and click any of them to see their corresponding details. As you scroll down the page, that’s when you’ll see the Orders lists, if there are any.

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