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How to Create Business Account in Salesforce

Quality data management is a must within every company. Every day, your company generates data about company allies and competitors alike. Information about and from these businesses help you shape your own enterprise and provide clues about how your market is doing.

Company data are essentially different from an individual person’s data. That is why Salesforce came up with an account to help you manage all your business data seamlessly. Learn how to setup a Salesforce Business Account in this quick tutorial.

Why Salesforce Business Account

Business data needs to be treated differently from personal individual prospects or customers’ data. This is to draw a fine line between the two and help make your data management activities organized.

Salesforce Business Account is different in that it mainly focuses on B2B (Business to Business) industries. This account can also handle and navigate through large amounts of specialized business company data.

You might not notice it, but the Salesforce accounts you’ve been learning and manipulating are all business accounts – it’s set that way by default. Hence, opening a Business Account is fuss-free since you don’t have to specify that the account is solely for B2B; Salesforce automatically does that for you when you create a new account.

Creating a Business Account

Don’t worry; creating a Salesforce Business Account doesn’t require elaborate methods. Again, be reminded that Salesforce assigns all newly opened accounts as Business Accounts by default.

Here are the steps on how to create a Salesforce Business Account.

  • Log on to Salesforce.
  • Navigate to the Accounts tab. You will be taken to the Accounts Home Page.
  • Click on the small New button found on the right side beside Recent Accounts.
  • You will see a form to fill up. Fields under all of these titles must be filled up properly:
    • Account Information
    • Address Information
    • Additional Information
  • Pay attention to your Account Name and be sure to input the correct name the first time.
  • Click the Save button found above the form.

You have now finished creating a new Salesforce Business Account.

Summing it Up

Salesforce Business Accounts are meant for use by companies engaged in B2B operations. Salesforce automatically assigns a new account as a business account by default. Creating such an account is easy – with a few clicks and some fields to complete, your business account could start operating right away.

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