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How to Create or Modify Amount without Adjustments in Salesforce

If you use Salesforce Opportunities often, you might have observed that some of your Opportunity records have Amount fields that cannot be edited. You will even see a lock icon once you hover over that field.

Can these Amount fields be ever edited or modified? And if yes, how do you do so?

Why Are Opportunity Amounts Locked?

Locked Amount fields happen when the Opportunity product records associated with them are related to one another. The total Amount field calculation becomes the sum of these related products.

Can This Be Changed?

Fortunately, yes. You must directly edit the quantity or sales price of the related products, so that you can properly calculate or modify the Amount field.

But if you should not touch the sales prices or quantities of the related products, you may add another Formula Field on your Opportunity Products, then use a Rollup Summary field on it as well.

Amounts are often calculated as Quantity * Sales Price for each product. Each answer is then added to make the grand total of the Amount field value. If you wish to make modifications, you must add another Formula Field to influence the changes in Amount field values.

How Are These Things Done?

Basically, if you want to edit your prices and quantities, navigate to the Products related list, search for the product you need, then click on Edit beside it. Save changes afterwards. You must do this for every related product in your Opportunity.

But if no adjustments are to be done, follow these steps:

  • Create another Formula Field on your Opportunity. To do this, create a custom field as a starting point.
  • Select your formula’s data type.
  • Choose the number of decimal places.
  • Hit Next, then start building your new formula.
  • Click Check Syntax to test for errors afterwards.
  • Select settings for the Blank Fields, Field-Level Security, and Page Layout.
  • Click Save.

You now have your new Formula Field. This should influence the way your related products on the Opportunity are calculated. Next, create a Rollup Summary field to finish calculating all related values:

  • Begin by creating a custom field on the account object. Select Roll-Up Summary field type for this field.
  • Label the field as well as its other attributes. Hit Next.
  • Select your Opportunity object, then define the summary type.
  • Input your desired filter criteria and click Next.
  • Set field-level security as well as page layout.

You have now set new requirements for the Roll-Up Summary field to calculate your related Opportunity products.

Summing It Up

Modifying Amount field on locked Opportunity products necessitates you to adjust the prices and quantities of these products manually. But if you mustn’t touch these numbers, you can create two new custom fields – a Formula Field and a Roll-Up Summary – to facilitate calculation of these products and to help modify your locked Amount field in Salesforce.

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