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How to Create S-Control in Salesforce

An S-Control is an element used to customize your own Salesforce interface to serve your added needs, such as when you need to add additional custom data forms or insert snippets to your interface. In this post, you will learn how to start creating a new S-Control for your interface.

Important Notice on S-Control Depreciation

S-Control is actually a phased-out Salesforce element since 2009 to 2010. This element was already replaced by Visualforce pages. You cannot create new S-controls today because Salesforce already stopped its use in their platforms.

But if your organization already used S-Controls before 2009, your existing S-Controls can still be used as it is. Content on this post is currently applicable for organizations with existing S-Control usage.

How to Define a Custom S-Control?

Have you already visualized what type of element you need to add to your interface? If yes, you may now proceed to defining this element as a custom S-Control object. Here’s how it is done:

  • Go to Setup.
  • Navigate to the QuickFind Box.
  • Type in S-Controls.
  • Select S-Controls.
  • Hit New Custom S-Control to start creating a new element.
  • Fill out all the required attributes of your new S-Control using code syntax.
  • Click on Check Syntax to let Salesforce check merge fields & functions first.
  • If you’re not yet satisfied and still have some editing to do, hit Quick Save and then carry on editing. Otherwise, hit Save and proceed to the next step.
  • Your new S-Control needs to be displayed to your users. You have several options for displaying the S-Control:
    • Creating a new Web tab
    • Creating a link or custom button
    • Adding the S-control to a dashboard
    • Adding the S-Control to a page layout

You can edit an existing S-Control by clicking on Edit instead of New Custom S-Control on the S-Controls dialog box.

S-Controls Wrap-up

An S-Control is a flexible and customizable way to add useful elements to your Salesforce organization interface. You simply have to create the proper code syntax for your elements to act as you want them to be. S-Controls can easily be edited as well.

Again, the S-Control feature is already defunct for new users. But it is still functional in old org users before the 2009 Salesforce roll-out.

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