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How to Enable Customizable Forecasting in Salesforce

Have you heard of forecasting? In Salesforce, you can actually choose to customize this feature so that it becomes easier for your team not only to view available forecasts on the system but also submit their own series of documents within the same platform.

 Feature Compatibility 

This is a feature that is available across different versions of Salesforce including Classic, Developer, Enterprise, Performance, Professional, and Unlimited. User permissions are necessary for this feature to be activated.

What to Expect 

Once you’ve enabled the customizable forecasting feature on Salesforce, you’ll gain access to five report types. The clincher is that you won’t be able to create your own report type. Do take note that Customizable Forecasting and Collaborative Forecasts are not the same feature.

 Enabling Customizable Forecasting 

There are several steps that you have to follow to enable this particular Salesforce feature. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to “Setup” and look for the “Quick Find” box.

  2. Enter “Forecasts Hierarchy” then select it.

  3. You should see an option to “Enable Customizable Forecasting.”

  4. Click on it. If you don’t see it, then this means that the feature has already been enabled on your system.

  5. Select your preferred “User Permissions” setting. You can change this afterwards if necessary.

  6. Click “Save.”

To know if you’ve successfully enabled the feature, check if you see new user permissions on the system:

  1. Edit Personal Quota – Allows for interchanging quotas within the system. Read-only profiles are exempt from this.

  2. View All Forecasts – Permission is provided by the system administrator and this allows any user, at any level in the hierarchy, to view forecasts within the system.

  3. Override Forecasts – All users can override all personal forecasts and those of members ranking lower on the organizational hierarchy provided these are not in “Read-Only” mode.

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