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How to Get Your Business from Salesforce CPQ

Automating activities such as pricing, quote generation, and quote approval are crucial for the growth of any business. Large companies are often using CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) programs to automate these essential business processes. However, small-scale startups seem to be unaware of their need for a CPQ program. They still rely heavily on spreadsheets and word processors to do the job for them.

Salesforce seeks to change the mindset of small businesses and improve the efficiency of large ones by introducing the Salesforce CPQ program, also known as Salesforce SteelBrick CPQ.

What Is Salesforce SteelBrick CPQ?

Salesforce’s SteelBrick CPQ is an easy-to-implement program that takes care of your pricing, quoting, contracting, and ordering tasks. This program was initially launched in December 2015.
Here are a few of the many features that Salesforce placed in SteelBrick:

  • Product Catalogs where you can search, filter, sort, and pick out items that will be included in a quote
  • Configuration Rules that outline only all the required items for quotes and determine only the compatible options for a particular quote
  • Flexibility in pricing; supporting multiple pricing models as needed
  • Discounting options to let users individually manage discounts in line with the quote pricing level
  • Grouping quotes together, as well as managing and discounting quotes as a group
  • Proposal Generation in easily-customizable template forms, available in Word, Excel, and PDF formats
  • Ordering workflows to convert quotes into orders
  • Contracts Generation to easily convert approved quotes into working contracts

Salesforce SteelBrick bridges the gap between small and large organizations by helping all of them in automating processes that are essential for revenue growth.

How Salesforce CPQ SteelBrick Generates Revenue for Your Business

Using Salesforce SteelBrick for your business saves you time and effort in your quoting, ordering, and pricing activities. From that standpoint alone, you are already saving money for your organization.
You can also reduce errors, generate quotes and contracts in a flash, and close more deals in a shorter period of time by using the program. All of these means greater cash flow towards your business.
To sum it up, Salesforce CPQ SteelBrick can get your business and revenue going strong – whether it be a startup or an established brand.

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