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How to Set Up AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce

Salesforce Sales Cloud has a feature that lets you import your offline conversions into AdWords. Google AdWords is one of the biggest online advertising services on the Internet, so merging its functionalities in offline conversions to Salesforce makes it even more productive for marketing and sales teams.

Why Use AdWords Conversion Import

You use your Google AdWords to obtain information about campaigns, keywords, and advertising efforts of your team. On the other hand, you use the Sales Cloud to keep track of your team’s opportunities and prospects that turned into real customers. What if you can also look into the advertising efforts that made these prospects become customers? You can do that in AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce.

This unique syncing between AdWords and Sales Cloud lets marketers track AdWords conversions for each opportunity and stage you already have on your Sales Cloud. Through this, you’ll understand which campaigns are most successful in turning prospects into customers. You can now adjust your AdWords campaign accordingly to ensure a steady amount of traffic on your marketing sites.

Configuring AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce

To get started in AdWords Conversion Import, do the following:

  1. Configure your Salesforce Account.
  • Go to your Opportunity object.
  • Create a new custom field and assign GCLID as its name. This name means Google Click ID and is used by AdWords to track ad clicks that can possibly turn into a conversion.
  • Enter a 255-word description for GCLID field.
  • Save the new custom field.
  • Go to your Lead object.
  • Create another custom field named GCLID and assign parameters exactly as the one you did for the Opportunity object.
  • Map your Lead field to the Opportunity field by clicking Map Lead Fields.
  • Click on Save.
  1. Configure your Website.
  • AdWords will give you a code that must be placed on your website to collect and save the click ID. The Google Click ID will now be recognized by your website as a cookie and will carry the value to your Salesforce GCLID field.
  1. Make changes in your Salesforce Web-to-Lead Form.
  • Go back to Salesforce and head to the web-to-lead area. Add the GCLID lead field in your forms and make necessary changes in the JavaScript code.
  1. Configure your AdWords Account.
  • Open your AdWords account and head over to Settings.
  • Click on Linked Accounts and go to the Salesforce section.
  • Click on View Details, then hit the button to add a new account.
  • Hit Continue.
  • Type in your Salesforce account information and then click Set Up Conversions. You will then be prompted to set-up specifications in your Milestones and Conversions.
  • Once done, click Save.


AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce enables Google AdWords conversion information to directly go to your Salesforce Sales Cloud account. Through this tool, you can now monitor click conversions from AdWords and manage them side-by-side with the specific contacts and opportunities you have in Salesforce.

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