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How to Use Demote in Salesforce

Salesforce Ideas lets you share and learn knowledge and suggestions about your Salesforce org with your co-employees. You can post your ideas for all your employees to see, read, connect, and react to.

But what if there are ideas that are downright unworthy in your Ideas feed? Can you do something to help bring it down? Indeed, you have a way to do this – it’s by demoting the idea.

Ideas and Reputation

Each user in the Ideas platform can share his thoughts; these appear as new Ideas open for everyone to see. Ideas gain or lose points depending on how useful it is in the eyes of the community.

An Idea with a high number of points gets promoted to the platform’s Popular Ideas or to the Top All Time Ideas list. This means that the idea has earned a high reputation and is deemed to be useful and relevant by the community.

Of course, most community members who participate in Ideas would like their posts to earn high scores to build up their reputation as an expert contributor to their Salesforce organization.

But what if an idea is just plain wrong?

What Is Demotion?

Ideas has an option for you to decrease the number of points gained by a post. This is called Demotion. Getting an idea demoted means that it is deemed not useful for the community, hence, its popularity can be decreased.

Every time an Idea gets demoted, the platform subtracts ten points from its overall number of points. This is in sharp and direct contrast to a promotion, wherein an idea gains ten points for every user who clicks Promote.

How to Demote an Idea

It’s really simple – click Demote underneath the post to give it a demotion. Once you’ve clicked Demote once, you can never click it again for the same idea. And you cannot change your mind and click Promote on that idea – once you demoted it, you will stick to its demotion.

Summing it up

A negative idea will mostly earn a decrease in popularity and reputation when community members use the Demote function. This will ensure that only ideas relevant to the community are present in popular circulation, and that demoted ideas are placed further down because they do not actively contribute to the welfare of the community.

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